Sandblasting & Painting Services in Kansas City

A-1 Paint, Powder and Sandblasting can handle all sizes of pieces but we specialize in large fabricated metal parts. Here is a brief description of the services we offer:

Sandblasting Metal & Steel Parts

Sandblasting cleans metal products in preparation for coating by blowing sand against the product the use of high pressure air until the surfaces are cleaned.

There are three different levels of sandblast preparation:

White Metal Blast cleans the surface so that it is free of all visible, oil, grease, dirt, dust, mill scale, rust, coating, oxides, corrosion products, and other foreign matter.

Commercial Blast Cleaning cleans the surface so it is free of all visible oil, grease, dust, dirt, mill scale, rust, coating, oxides, corrosion products, and other foreign matter, except for staining as noted in the standard.

Brush off Blast Cleaning cleans the surface so is free of all visible oil, grease, dirt, dust, loose mill scale, loose rust, and loose coating.  Tightly adhered mill scale, rust, and coating may remain on the surface.

Powder Coating Metal

Powder Coating is a dry finishing process, using finely ground particles of pigment and resin, electrostatically charged and sprayed onto a part.  The metal parts are electrically grounded so that the charged paint particles adhere to the surface and stay there until melted into a smooth coating in the curing oven.  The result is a uniform, durable, high quality finish.

Black gloss and white gloss powder coating are included in our standard pricing for most jobs.  We can provide powder coating in a variety of colors using the standard RAL color chart. We can also provide custom colors. Finishes include metallic, hammertone, clear coat and textured.

Wet Painting Metal

We provide single and multi-process painting services for metal materials.  We handle multiple brands of wet paint.

The first coat is called the primer.  It helps improve the adhesion of the topcoat to the surface resulting in a quality, uniform finish that lasts longer.  Primers fill and seal porous surfaces, provide a smooth, even surface for the finish coat, and provide corrosion resistance for metal surfaces. Primers should not be used as a topcoat as they are not designed to hold up to normal wear and tear.

Topcoat paint provides the finish and color desired for the project.  There are many options depending on end use of the product.  Exposure to the elements, usage of the product, the color of the project, and expected duration of time before repaint is necessary should all be considered.


PowderGALV® is a process, not a product. It starts with a galvanizing coating followed by a powder coat. The combination of these two coatings creates excellent mechanical and chemical resistance and is particularly suitable for products in challenging environments which require outstanding anti-corrosion properties. PowderGALV® provides a tough and long lasting coating from manufacture to delivery to installation ensuring that it provides years of reliable service.