“PowderGALV®®“…It’s PRETTY Durable

Metal Coated with PowderGalv PictureAt A-1 Paint, Powder & Sandblasting, we’re always looking for ways to improve our processes and our products. Obviously, paint that lasts longer is a big benefit as well as a money savings to our customers. That’s why we’re so excited about our new product “PowderGALV®” duplex coating.

It’s Not Just the Product, It’s the Process that Makes It Great

“PowderGALV®” is an exclusive duplex (or two-step) coating process for steel that provides a tough outer shell that will last for years. An ascetic coating is followed by a powder coat and it is the bonding of these two products that creates such an outstanding end product. It is scratch and weather resistant as well as anti-corrosive.

“PowderGALV®” Has Other Great Qualities You’ll Appreciate as Well

Besides its durability, “PowderGALV®” offers other advantages including:

  •      Consistency of Color
  •      Smooth Finish
  •      Plenty of Color Choices
  •      Fast Turnaround

A-1 Is Kansas City’s Exclusive “PowderGALV®” Provider

We are the only company to offer “PowderGALV®”  in the U.S. A-1 designed the process and it has been approved by independent labs and customers. If you are using metal in a challenging environment, the “PowerGALV” system is exactly what you need for durability and longevity. We are currently seeing great results in steel parts for waterparks, sprinkler systems, cooling towers, fencing and Department of Transportation jobs.

We Offer Fast Turnaround in Our State-of-the-Art Facility

Once galvanized, we can paint the pieces with any color or brand of coating. All work is done in our 61,000-square foot facility, which features a 380-foot enclosed straight paint line for maximum speed and efficiency. We can paint and coat your steel year round regardless of weather conditions. So whether you need it fast or you need it to last, “PowderGALV®” from A-1 Paint, Powder and Sandblasting is the answer. It’s PRETTY Durable.

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