About Us

Frank Laster, President of A-1 Paint, Powder & Sandblasting, came from a sales/retail background. In 2012, after working in the drugstore and HVAC industries, he was asked to become a partner and handle customer relations and sales at A-1 Paint,
Powder & Sandblasting. Today, A-1stands up to its name providing the best powder coating in the industry.

An Idea That Would StickFrank

Knowing that a better product translates to better sales, Frank took the position and learned as much as he could about galvanized steel and the coatings. What he discovered after attending many trade shows and conferences, was that it was extremely difficult to make paint stick to galvanized metal. He took on this problem as a personal challenge. He studied paint and coatings to gain as much knowledge as he could. After receiving his NACE coating inspector certificate, he had the knowledge to improve the powder galvanization process making the necessary changes in formulas to create a paint that the galvanized steel received much more readily and was durable enough to withstand both the outdoor elements and time itself.

Fast Turnaround Time

The fact that the A-1 Paint, Powder & Sandblasting company is located just across the street from AZZ Galvanizing helped in the development process. Due to our close proximity, A-1 is able to powder coat the pieces almost immediately after galvanization. The timing, combined with the fact that the pieces don’t have to be transported long distances to us (leaving them vulnerable to weather, road salt, etc.) makes the coating that much more durable. In fact, A-1 has entered into an agreement with AZZ Galvanizing in Texas to replicate the process. Additionally, our powder coating booth and curing oven are over 60 feet long. This provides us with the opportunity to handle oversized pieces for our customers without having to ship them off to a larger facility. It all translates to faster turnaround – something our customers really appreciate.

At A-1, we are all very proud of our product and our process. We feel we have the best powder coating in the business and we’re proud to offer it to you. When you want fast, friendly, flexible service, and a surface that will last, you want A-1 Paint, Powder and Sandblasting.