“PowderGALV®®” Is Here

Large Pipes on Truck PictureA1 Paint, Powder and Sandblasting is introducing “PowderGALV® protective coating. “PowderGALV®” is a duplex coating with corrosive protective and cosmetic coating for metal pieces. Over the years, our customers have asked for an option on a coating that will withstand the harsh environmental elements. When it comes to metal structures, the elements are one of the items that tend to break down the pieces as well as make them look bad and sometimes even render them unsafe. This coating is designed to reduce or even remove that concern for years.

A “PowderGALV®” Finish Is Both Beautiful and Tough

The process starts after the metal pieces are fabricated. They are delivered to AZZ Galvanizing for the protective base coating. In meeting ASTM A123/A123M standard, the pieces have the protective corrosive coating provided by Hot Dipped Galvanized. When complete, AZZ delivers the material to A1 Paint, Powder, and Sandblasting. We start our “PowderGALV®” process to prepare, treat, and coat the material. Once complete, the pieces have multiple mils of coating with the duplex application of the galvanizing and powder coating. This process has been independently lab tested and found to deliver great performance in difficult conditions. Not only does it hold up well under harsh conditions, with many color choices, consistency of color, and its smooth finish, it looks fantastic. You could say, “It’s PRETTY Durable.”

“PowderGALV®” is the future of protective coating in the steel fabrication industry and A1 Paint, Powder and Sandblasting is proud to be Kansas City’s exclusive “PowderGALV®” provider. If you’re interested in finding out more about this unique coating system, give us a call at 816-241-1200.