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Our PowderGALV® Process Creates Partnership with AZZ Metal Coatings in Texas

June 23rd, 2017 by

PowderGalvThe success of our new paint technology called PowderGALV®, has led to a partnership between A-1 Paint, Powder & Sandblasting and Fort Worth, TX metal coatings company, AZZ Inc. AZZ Inc. is a global provider of galvanizing services, welding solutions, specialty electrical equipment and other services. They were so impressed with the quality of the exclusive PowderGALV® process, they decided to partner with A-1 Paint and open their first powder coating operation. On May 31, 2017, AZZ announced the opening of their new plant in Crowley, Texas.

What Is PowderGALV®?

The patented PowderGALV® process is an exclusive 3-step powder coating process that helps paint adhere to galvanized steel parts solving an industry-wide problem. The PowderGALV® process involves two specific kinds of coatings – both a protective coating as well as an aesthetic coating. The combination of these two coatings creates excellent mechanical and chemical resistance allowing PowderGALV® steel parts to last for multiple years in challenging environments which require outstanding anti-corrosion properties.   

AZZ Plant Features One of the Largest Coating Cure Ovens in the Nation

AZZ Galvanizing is a leading provider of metal finishing solutions for corrosion protection, including hot dip galvanizing, to the North American steel fabrication industry. The new facility in Crowley, TX is adjacent to AZZ’s existing hot dip galvanizing plant and will feature duplex metal coating and a sixty-foot cure oven. This oven is one of the largest coating cure ovens in the nation.

When It Comes to Galvanized Metal, We’ve Got It Covered

We are excited that our PowderGALV® process is receiving such an enthusiastic welcome in the painting industry. Tim Pendley, Senior Vice President and CEO of AZZ Metal Coatings, said, “Powder coating is an important strategic initiative for AZZ that expands the offerings in our metal coatings business. Our customers will now have additional options including broadened corrosion protection and the ability to deliver on projects with specialized color requirements. As the largest North American galvanizer with 41 plants, we believe powder coating can help us to expand out reach into another segment of the metal corrosion protection market allowing our customers to be even more efficient in servicing their end-user customers. We are dedicated to expand our metal corrosion capabilities, expand our addressable markets, and continue to leverage our unmatched quality and superior customer service.”

Call A-1 Paint, Powder & Sandblasting to put the PowderGALV® process to the test.  Call us at (816) 241-1200.

“PowderGALV®®“…It’s PRETTY Durable

April 28th, 2015 by

Metal Coated with PowderGalv PictureAt A-1 Paint, Powder & Sandblasting, we’re always looking for ways to improve our processes and our products. Obviously, paint that lasts longer is a big benefit as well as a money savings to our customers. That’s why we’re so excited about our new product “PowderGALV®” duplex coating.

It’s Not Just the Product, It’s the Process that Makes It Great

“PowderGALV®” is an exclusive duplex (or two-step) coating process for steel that provides a tough outer shell that will last for years. An ascetic coating is followed by a powder coat and it is the bonding of these two products that creates such an outstanding end product. It is scratch and weather resistant as well as anti-corrosive.

“PowderGALV®” Has Other Great Qualities You’ll Appreciate as Well

Besides its durability, “PowderGALV®” offers other advantages including:

  •      Consistency of Color
  •      Smooth Finish
  •      Plenty of Color Choices
  •      Fast Turnaround

A-1 Is Kansas City’s Exclusive “PowderGALV®” Provider

We are the only company to offer “PowderGALV®”  in the U.S. A-1 designed the process and it has been approved by independent labs and customers. If you are using metal in a challenging environment, the “PowerGALV” system is exactly what you need for durability and longevity. We are currently seeing great results in steel parts for waterparks, sprinkler systems, cooling towers, fencing and Department of Transportation jobs.

We Offer Fast Turnaround in Our State-of-the-Art Facility

Once galvanized, we can paint the pieces with any color or brand of coating. All work is done in our 61,000-square foot facility, which features a 380-foot enclosed straight paint line for maximum speed and efficiency. We can paint and coat your steel year round regardless of weather conditions. So whether you need it fast or you need it to last, “PowderGALV®” from A-1 Paint, Powder and Sandblasting is the answer. It’s PRETTY Durable.

Call A-1 Paint, Powder & Sandblasting at (816) 241-1200.



“PowderGALV®®” Is Here

April 21st, 2015 by

Large Pipes on Truck PictureA1 Paint, Powder and Sandblasting is introducing “PowderGALV® protective coating. “PowderGALV®” is a duplex coating with corrosive protective and cosmetic coating for metal pieces. Over the years, our customers have asked for an option on a coating that will withstand the harsh environmental elements. When it comes to metal structures, the elements are one of the items that tend to break down the pieces as well as make them look bad and sometimes even render them unsafe. This coating is designed to reduce or even remove that concern for years.

A “PowderGALV®” Finish Is Both Beautiful and Tough

The process starts after the metal pieces are fabricated. They are delivered to AZZ Galvanizing for the protective base coating. In meeting ASTM A123/A123M standard, the pieces have the protective corrosive coating provided by Hot Dipped Galvanized. When complete, AZZ delivers the material to A1 Paint, Powder, and Sandblasting. We start our “PowderGALV®” process to prepare, treat, and coat the material. Once complete, the pieces have multiple mils of coating with the duplex application of the galvanizing and powder coating. This process has been independently lab tested and found to deliver great performance in difficult conditions. Not only does it hold up well under harsh conditions, with many color choices, consistency of color, and its smooth finish, it looks fantastic. You could say, “It’s PRETTY Durable.”

“PowderGALV®” is the future of protective coating in the steel fabrication industry and A1 Paint, Powder and Sandblasting is proud to be Kansas City’s exclusive “PowderGALV®” provider. If you’re interested in finding out more about this unique coating system, give us a call at 816-241-1200.